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8″ high Brigtness Ground Station HD RC Monitor

FEELWORLD FPV819A 8″high Brigtness Ground Station HD FPV Drone Camera RC Monitor
 8″ Ground Station HD Monitor Features: 
1.NO Blue Screen
2.Default Display View
3.450cd/m2 high brightness
4.Supports Composite Video RCA Input
5.Display Resolution up to 1920×1440 Pixels
6.16:9 or 4:3 Adjustable Display Ratio
1.The FPV819A ground stand HD monitor, designed specially for outdoor users,does not have “blue screen”, is your best choice FPV or aerial photography.
2.High resolution 800×480, contrast ratio 500:1 and brightness of 450cd/ providing a much improved video screen image.
3.Multi color format support, enter the menu manually to select the same format as your camera.
4.Analog composite video AV input, connect the aerial camera.16:9 aspect ratio, switch display mode between 16:9 and 4:3.
5.Connect with the camera, as a monitor or secondary monitor of aerial imagery.
6.High brightness, contrast ratio and dizzy-proof monitor with sun shade, to see clearly under bright sunlight.
7.1/4-20 thread hole is included in the bottom, allowing easy mounting on the tripod

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Category: . Brand Name: FEELWORLD Package: Yes Model Number: FPV819A Model: FPV819A Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare Panel Size: 8 widescreen Inputs: RCA, Video,Audio,DC power Mount: 1/4-20 Thread and VESA mounting socket (75mm) Input Voltage: DC 6-12V Resolution: 800 x 480 Input: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC12V, 1.5A; Plug Ty Output: Speaker(built-in)


FEELWORLD FPV819A 8″high Brigtness Ground Station HD FPV Drone Camera RC Monitor
Model FPV819A
Resolution 800×480 pixels
Dot pitch 0.0736(W)×0.2072(H) mm
Aspect ratio 16:09
Brightness 450cd/m2;
Contrast 500:01:00
Viewing Angle 70°/70°,50°/70° (L/R,U/D)
Backlight LED
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare
Support video format NTSC M, PAL M, NTSC BG, PAL N, NTSC DK, PAL DK, PAL I and SECAM BG.
Input RCA Video,Audio,DC power
Speaker 1
Power Consumption <7W
Input Voltage DC 6-24V
Working Temperature -20°C~60°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~70°C
Install Way “1/4”-20 Thread and VESA mounting socket (75mm)
Unit Size 208L×147W×33H (mm)
Unit Weight 511g



Additional information

Input Voltage

DC 6-12V


1/4-20 Thread and VESA mounting socket (75mm)


800 x 480


AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: DC12V, 1.5A; Plug Ty




RCA, Video,Audio,DC power

Panel Size

8 widescreen



Model Number




Surface Treatment


Brand Name


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